Frequently asked questions


Payment & charges (WinePlan & WineSelect)

Is there a minimum spending amount?

WineSelect: No minimum wine spend. You can have a cellar with Vinearoom starting from one bottle.

WinePlan: WinePlan is available with a minimum wine spend of CHF 3'000. Your payment represents a (pre)payment for the wines as well as the cellaring costs (storage and insurance).

With Vinearoom you keep a total flexibility and you do not commit to any future wine purchases. Your wines can be kept in the Vinearoom cellars for as long as you want or simply delivered to you.

What is the price I pay for my wine?

Wines are purchased or allocated to your cellar at a competitive retail price and should be comparable to those of quality wine retailers in Switzerland. Our prices are transparent and we always indicate in the online cellar the average retail price in Switzerland for you to compare (the average retail price is actualised at least on a yearly basis).

How can I pay?

Payment should be made preferably by bank transfer or bank standing order. Credit card payments will generate a transaction fee of 3%.

What are the costs associated with storage and delivery?

WineSelect: Please refer to WineSelect page

WinePlan: Please refer to WinePlan details in the "Essentials" section 


Storage (WinePlan & WineSelect)

Is my wine insured while stored by Vinearoom?

Yes, all wines stored on your behalf by Vinearoom are fully insured at replacement cost.

Can I visit Vinearoom cellars?

This can be organized on request. All wine allocated to your personal cellar has been purchased and is centrally stored in Switzerland. Customer inventory is regularly audited by an independent audit firm. You can browse through your entire wine collection via the online Vinearoom application. Your online access is personal and password protected.

Returns (WinePlan & WineSelect)

Can I return or receive a refund in case of wine defect?

Whilst Vinearoom will take every reasonable care in the selection, transport and storage of your wines, no liability can be accepted for deterioration which may occur through the natural processes to which all wines and their corks, however well cared for, are subject.


Wine selection (WinePlan only)

How do you establish my cellar profile?

Once you have registered or contacted us, we will organise a personal meeting at our offices in Zurich or at a place that will be convenient for you. If more practical to you and for customers outside Switzerland we can send a cellar profile that can be completed online. 
We will guide you in establishing your wine preferences and establish a cellar profile (cellar objectives, type of wine, country origins, taste, category, etc).

You can review your cellar profile online and it can be amended at anytime. We will organise different wine tastings throughout the year so you can establish your preferences.

The establishment of the cellar profile and the access to your personal wine cellar is not charged.

Can I choose between different wine category?

Yes- we have establish three different wine categories- Fine, Prestige, Legendary. You can decide to have your wines allocated from one or a combination of those categories. 

  Category Description
* Fine Wines of indisputable class and unique character. This category include rising stars and remarkable wines that we have discovered.  
** Prestige

Outstanding wines coming from prestigious vineyards. A quest for excellence resulting in great character and style that only few can achieve.

*** Legendary The world's most renowned wines. Each bottle is nothing short of exceptional and the promise of a truly unique moment. 

Wine price varies betwen the different categories. Fine wines usually have a price per bottle between CHF 50 and CHF 150, Prestige wine between CHF 150 and CHF 500, Legendary wines above CHF 500.

How do you make the wine selection?

Our sommelier team permanently test new wines and only few retain their attention. We apply a strict rating system and only wine with a quality rating over 85 points will be selected for your cellar.

Rating Classification   Description
95 to 100 Exceptional

Outstanding wine which simply represents the best of its category

90 to 95 Excellent

Great wine with definite character and style

85 to 90 Very good

Enjoyable wine with a nice level of character and complexity

When do I start to receive my wine?

Wine is generally allocated four times a year in February, May, August and November. We will take into account all pre-payments received before the 10th of the month preceding the allocation. You receive a notification email when we place new wine in your cellar.

Can I change the wine that has been allocated to my cellar?

We are sure that we will find the right wines for you but you can always change an allocation within 8 days after the wine has been placed in your cellar. 

Do you offer "en primeur" wine?

We offer the opportunity to buy "en primeur" wines, this will be discussed and agreed when we establish your cellar profile.

Do you propose older vintages?

Wines we purchase are generally from 2000 and onward as they can mature in the Vinearoom cellars. We will however consider any of your special request and research some special or older vintages for you.


Wine Investment

Are there any risks with wine investment?

Like in any other markets there are risks associated with wine investment and a return cannot be guaranteed as factors such as global economy development can greatly influence the evolution of the wine prices. There are three main decisive factors when investing in wine in order to maximize potential returns: 

  • Wine selection: You should select only "investment grade" wines- i.e. wines for which there is an active international secondary market. Only great and exceptional years should be considered.
  • Wine origins: You should have the guarantee that wines are of perfect provenance (i.e. wine estates or trusted negociants)
  • Wine storage: You should ensure perfect storage conditions (temperatute and hydrometry)

Vinearoom apply strict criteria in terms of wine selection, origins and storage to provide you with the best possible conditions on your wine investment.

How much should I invest in wine?

You can start your wine investment already with a few cases. As investment grade wines can be expensive -even for young vintages- we recommend to consider a minimum of CHF 10'000.

How do I sell my investment?

Selling your wine is a simple process: just inform us and we will make you an offer or you can mandate us to organize the selling of your investment. With Vinearoom you have access to an active Swiss and International wine secondary market.

How do I follow the performance of my investment?

You have full ownership of your wine and can always access your wine portfolio with your personal online cellar login and password.

What is your fee model for investment?

We apply a simple and transparent fee model:

Our price are based on the Live-ex, the global Fine Wine Exchange, with a transaction and handling commission of 15%. 

The storage costs are calculated with CHF 2.50 per bottle per year on your average cellar inventory. The insurance at full replacement value is calculated at 0.4% of your total cellar value. (Bonded cellaring on request)

Selling back to Vinearoom at an agreed price: no commission
Selling on the market: cellar exit commission of 15% calculated on the wine value gain

Return and fee overview- an example




Live-ex price

CHF 870/btl.

Prices published by the Live-ex global Fine Wine market

Your purchase price

CHF 1'000

include a 15% transaction and handling commission

Wine market value in 5 Years

CHF 1'750

Based on a theoretical 15% annual price increase

Value gain

CHF 750


Selling commission

CHF -115

15% on CHF 750 value gain 

Cellaring costs

CHF -35

Cellaring costs over 5 years

Your investment gain

CHF 600

Or 9.6% yearly return

All figures exc. VAT