Food & wine X-mas special

Xmas picture
The wine pairing guide for a marvelous X-mas dinner – by Vinearoom

Family, friends and lovely prepared food…just add the wine and we are sure your Christmas dinner will turn into a marvelous moment!

Set the mood with some Champagne- maybe one coming from a small traditional family estate? Extra brut and vintage Champagne go well with food and you could try to pair it with any salty starter dish.

Oysters & seafood: the choice is yours from dry French or German Riesling to Chablis but you can also turn to a refreshing Muscadet or Blanc de Bordeaux.

Foie gras: surprise your guests and serve it as an entremets between cheese and dessert with a late harvest wine, an Alsace Grand Cru or a Sauternes. You can even keep the wine for desert – Sauternes is perfect with a chocolate buche.

Juicy red meat: time to open an opulent Bordeaux from Medoc, Margaux, Pauillac, a great Barolo or a Shiraz from the new world. Their tannins will refresh the palate after each bite of meat.

Delicate poultry or white meat: Chardonnay will go well with a stuffed chicken but you can prefer to try a nice Merlot. 

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