Creating the perfect wine cellar experience

Vinearoom serves the wine lover community by providing world class wine selection, wine storage solution and cellar visualization. Vinearoom is an independent Swiss company advising private customers all over the world on all their wine needs. 

Wine selection

A world class sommelier team in your cellar

An independent world class sommelier team led by Paolo Basso - best sommelier of the World 2013.

Wines from the best vineyards from all over the world - classified grand crus or original wine discoveries.

Wines are purchased directly from the producer or entrusted wine handler to ensure that you only receive wine of perfect origins and at the right price.

Wine storage

Professional wine conservation

Cellaring conditions are important to guarantee a perfect wine conservation. 

Vinearoom provides wine storage facilities in Switzerland and in partnership in all major cities across the world.

We can also assist you in the design and construction of your home private wine cellar.

Online access

The experience of a state-of-the-art online wine cellar

Have access to your wine cellar through a state-of-the-art web application. Enter a personal password and visit your wine collection at anytime and from anywhere.

Have all wine information at your fingertips: rating, maturity, tasting, food pairing and serving notes as well as the price evolution.


Discover how your wine collection could be visualized

Your wine room

Create your new wine room with Vinearoom

An exclusive way to create your bespoke wine cellar

Bring your wine collection online with Vinearoom